Even with new campus in Austin, Apple may still have plans for North Carolina

Even with new campus in Austin, Apple may still have plans for North Carolina

It's been (exactly!) A year since Apple announced the construction of a new campus in Austin, capital of Texas (United States). The plans over there are going wild, but what few people remember is that originally Austin was not one of Ma's favorites to set up its newest base as we spoke last May, the two most likely states of to be chosen would be Virginia or North Caroline.

The surprise of the day? Apparently, Ma may still have plans for North Carolina up its sleeve even though it has initially ruled out land in the state in favor of the final choice by Austin.

Let's recap the story for a better understanding: In May of last year, safe sources claimed that Apple was already basically closed to local authorities to build their new campus in an area of ​​the United States. Research Triangle Park (RTP), one hub of 200 hectares of technological development with the presence of several companies /startups and near universities like Duke and North Carolina State.

When Ma announced the choice of Austin last December, North Carolina officials responded with surprise. The governor and the leaders of the state chamber issued a joint statement stating that they would continue to "do everything possible" to attract new jobs, and said they worked closely with companies like Apple to bring corporate branches to the state.

Now, almost a year later, the North Carolina Government has affirmed local network Wral that "efforts to bring Apple to the state are still active." And the statement does not appear to be frivolous: evidence indicates that Ma still has some control over the terrain on which her campus would be built.

Late last year, after the announcement of Austin, a mysterious company called Acute Investments acquired, for almost $ 50 million, about 113 hectares of land from the RTP a purchase that had no public announcement or prominence made by the government. Acute Investments Representative Listed on Purchase Paperwork Bruce thompson, a registered lobbyist of several companies among them, guess what, Apple.

Apple Land in North CarolinaApple's North Carolina Land

The clearest indication that Apple's ground, however, came from North Carolina Secretary of Commerce Tony Copeland. In interview Wral, he confirmed that the 113-acre site, in fact, "controlled by Apple." Other than that, the state government does not release any project information or Ma's possible intentions there.

In the end, Apple may still have plans for North Carolina. At this point, no one can be sure what they might be that Ma is simply guarding the land as a "plan B" and selling it quietly in the future; or it may be that a more robust project is coming by. Let's wait.

via MacRumors