Even selling well, iPhone XR has no inventory problems

The pre-sale of iPhone XR started last friday (10/19) and how could I help but be our forever friend, Ming-Chi Kuo, arrived to complement its last forecasts about the commercial performance of the device. Your opinion? The cheapest of the new iPhones is doing great, thanks.

According to the TF International Securities analyst, the pre-sale of the new colored devices easily surpassed those related to iPhones 8 and 8 Plus and, even so, it is not experiencing unavailability problems: in all countries where the XR arrives this Friday, delivery forecasts are within normal limits.

In addition, the estimate of the pre-sale numbers is within the expectations published last week, that is, the prospect that the XR will have a more ā€œstableā€ sales graph and help Apple to possibly break records with smartphone revenue. in the first quarter of 2019.

Sales comparison of iPhone XR with iPhones XS / XS Max, Ming-Chi Kuo

Analyzing the graph above, we can see that in Kuo's estimates the initial demand for iPhones XS / XS Max it was superior to the iPhone XR, but the cheapest device has a tendency to maintain a much more stable level of sales. As the analyst said:

We are not surprised that the initial delivery times of the XR are shorter than that of the iPhones XS / XS Max after the beginning of the pre-sale, since the devices have different targets. The most expensive are focused on Apple fans, who reserve the devices quickly after the pre-sale begins. The cheapest are "general" users who are used to iOS or who favor Apple as a brand, have limited budget or do not have an urgent replacement demand.

In other words, no: at least according to Kuo, the fact that the XR continues with apparently normal stocks does not mean that its performance is less dizzying than normal. Of course, we will only have a real sense of the success of the device when Apple releases its next financial results but that the new colored iPhones have everything to prove a great success, ah, that they have.

via AppleInsider