Even much smaller than Spotify, Apple Music had twice as many plays on the debut of The Weeknd's new album [atualizado: ou não?]

Spotify the king of platform streamingWithout a doubt, it is enough to see that the Swedish service has more than 120 million users (between paid and free plans) against about 40 million of its closest rival, Apple Music. But Ma's competitor has his cards up his sleeve, as this report by The Verge.

According to the matter, the launch of the new album The Weeknd, “My Dear Melancholy”, attracted more users of Apple's music platform than Spotify: the tracks were played over 26 million times on Apple Music in its first 24 hours of availability, and the single main, "Call Out My Name", had more than 6 million reproductions against about 3 million in the green player. The information is from the Republic Records label.

Cover “My Dear Melancholy”

Take into account that, besides being naturally bigger, Spotify exclusively released two video clips from the new album and The Weeknd himself posted a video on his social networks indicating that fans would listen to the disc on the platform; still, Apple Music came out on top of dried meat at the time.

Why, exactly? Nobody knows, but the fact that similar cases had happened before, with the first day of availability of the albums "More Life", in Drake, and the single "Rockstar", in Post Malone. Analyzing the commonalities of the artists and musical styles mentioned, we can conclude that Apple is doing a great job with a specific portion of the public: the one that appreciates works of hip-hop, R&B and soul is enough to see, incidentally, that a good part of original content produced by Apple Music dedicated to these genres.

Now, Ma's challenge is to expand this appeal to other styles, “tribes” and groups so that Apple Music can be attractive to everyone and compete on equal terms with Spotify in terms of number of subscribers.

Update from Apple Music on Android

cone - Apple Music for Android

Speaking of Apple Music, the platform application for Android has just received a good update to put it on a par with the news received by iOS users in version 11.3 of the system.

With version 2.4.2 of the app, subscribers to the service will have access to a new experience of music videos and video clips, with a screen exclusively dedicated to the most popular visual content in recent days and several playlists exclusive video content, with special content.

Apple Music for Android can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Update by Priscila Klopper 04/05/2018 s 09:10

Now, now, it seems that someone was not satisfied with the news of losing to Apple Music on something. of course, I'm talking about Spotify; after that news about their reproduction numbers from The Weeknd album being lower than on the streaming of Ma, a representative told the The Verge which was not exactly like this:

The EP “My Dear Melancholy” The Weeknd received about 29 million of Spotify reproductions in the first 24 hours of release, while the single "Call Out My Name" has received 7.5 million of reproductions in the first 24 hours of release. These numbers do not include numbers for the two EP music videos that can only be found on Spotify.

With these numbers, this whole story makes a lot more sense, as, as we said, Spotify has a few many millions more subscribers than Apple Music. And the one that the callus presses for the blue whip: The Weeknd's own record label, Republic Records, stated that the data they have is that the most played song on the album has 6.5 million reproductions, 1 million less than it was disclosed by the service.

Whatever the truth, if the record company itself has different numbers, Spotify will need to be very careful, as the company already has some processes on it related to royalties and reproduction numbers.

Anyway, even if the service actually made millions more than Apple Music, this case ended up damaging the image of the blue whip, right?