Europeans and Brazilians sue Apple again for slowness on iPhones

Europeans and Brazilians sue Apple again for slowness on iPhones

No, the controversy surrounding reducing the processing of iPhones with old / old batteries has not ended. Focusing specifically on Europe, we have already commented that Ma paid 10 million euros to Italians and 25 million euros to French people because of the problem.

Now, a group called Euroconsumers composed by the organizations Achats (from Belgium), OCU (from Spain), Deco-Proteste (from Portugal), AltroConsumo (from Italy) and PROTESTE (from Brazil) wants Apple to pay 60 euros to each user affected by what they call “programmed obsolescence”, as reported by the iCulture (Google translator).

In mid-June, the group sent an Apple letter precisely in order to obtain this compensation for such consumers; now, in early July, they sent another one giving Ma a 15-day deadline to respond; in case the company ignores, they promised to sue it.

What Apple does, nobody knows. But the history has not been very positive for the company. In addition to the cases discussed above, she recently agreed to resolve a similar collective action in the United States by paying an amount of up to $ 500 million. It is worth noting that this is just one of the many processes opened by l.

In Brazil, however, the story is different. Procon-SP has already notified the company twice and absolutely nothing has happened. Several other lawsuits (involving institutions or organizations, and not ordinary lawsuits by natural persons) have been opened here, and in all of the courts it was understood that Apple was not wrong in its approach.

We will see how this new European case with the presence of Brazilians fares.

via 9to5Mac