European law prevents Macs Pro from continuing to be sold there from March 1

New Mac Pro tower seen from the side and bottomApple today issued a note to European distributors to warn them that new orders for Macs Pro they can only be made until February 18, since a new European Union law amendment prevents the sale of the machines there from March 1, with the exception of stores that have remaining stocks.

The company’s statement doesn’t make it clear which incompatibility is at issue, but it probably has to do with some outdated technical regulation on the Macs Pro. nothing else from the machine (it didn't even incorporate USB 3.0 and / or Thunderbolt ports). In other words, apart from that the Mac has been practically the same since July 2010!

Shortly afterwards, when asked about the issue, CEO Tim Cook would have hinted that we will see a new Mac Pro actually arriving in 2013. This new European determination, in my view, is therefore a strong reason for Apple to launch this upgrade as soon as possible. even faster considering that big news is not expected in iProducts this first semester.

Faced with so much expectation, several designers have already proposed complete visual changes to the machine (1, 2), but no one knows for sure what Apple is preparing. It is a fact that it is more than time for a significant renovation, not least because the ‚Äúcheese grater‚ÄĚ design has hardly changed for almost a decade since the first Power Mac G5 was launched.

(via MacRumors)