Câmera de segurança eufyCam 2 Pro grava em 2K e tem bateria com autonomia de 1 ano

EufyCam 2 Pro security camera records in 2K and has 1 year battery life

Eufy, Anker's brand focused on smart homes, launched its new eufyCam 2 Pro security camera. This model offers support for 2K resolution video recording, free local video storage, 365 days battery life and more.


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With this camera you can guarantee the protection of your home against potential intruders, since you can easily watch it from afar, even at night, thanks to the integrated night vision (which is not monochrome). Another detail is that the camera is compatible with Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant and even Apple's HomeKit.

The main highlights of the eufyCam 2 Pro security camera are the 365-day autonomy battery and the integration with Apple's HomeKit. These two features ensure that your new cameras are ready for long-term use, as Apple's HomeKit is one of the most reliable smart home ecosystems on the market. In addition, with 1 year of battery life, you will not have to stop recording frequently to change / recharge.

Integration with Google Assistant and Alexa also allows you to use simple voice commands or use applications to access the camera system from anywhere in the home.

EufyCam 2 Pro security camera records in 2K and has 1 year battery lifeNew eufy camera comes with integrated night vision mode (Divulgao / eufy)

In addition to the colorful night vision mode, the eufyCam 2 Pro security camera also features an infrared-based mode. While standard infrared-based night vision can leave out key details, such as the color of the vehicle or clothing details of potential intruders, this does not happen with the colorful night vision mode.

While many security cameras still record only in 720p (HD) or 1080p (Full HD), eufyCam 2 Pro supports 2K resolution video recording. This higher quality video capture ensures that you can easily read vehicle license plates or identify certain characteristics of potential intruders on your property. The camera supports local video storage through its base station, which eliminates or reduces the need to subscribe to a cloud storage service.

The eufyCam 2 Pro camera is available exclusively through Best Buy for $ 149.99 in the United States for one unit and for $ 349.99 for the set with the base station and two camera units.

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