discover the Portuguese platform that rewards families who stay at home discover the Portuguese platform that rewards families who stay at home

Initially not expecting this boom of users, this picoulou crossed the limit of the server, preventing the platform from always being available. As Adriano Albuquerque explains, the initial idea would be to start working with a Portuguese internet access provider and, once the number of users increased, another machine would be used.

However, Adriano Albuquerque assumes that he was not counting on this exponential growth to happen in just a few hours. According to the programmer, the bandwidth traffic went from 3 GB to 65 GB, between this Monday and Tuesday. The solution will now involve the betting of two machines, and not just one. In this way, every time there is a peak in the site and one of the servers does not respond, the other is ready to perform its function.

We were not counting on the platform having this boom and the structure was not prepared for it, explains Adriano Albuquerque

The programmer assumes that these last weeks have been quite intense and tiring, but he guarantees to be very satisfied with this initiative. It is very different from the projects in which I have a habit to participate and the impact is also totally different, explains the CEO of MYGEST.

The partner network that makes everything possible platform has a set of partners that offers offers and discounts to users, which are part of the Dott marketplace. In an interview with SAPO TEK, Renato Cavadas, from the travel agency group IBS Portugal, guarantees that in this case the discount of 5%. Any company can join in a free way to the platform, which is responsible for selecting its partners, through the email platform [email protected]

In addition to the various private companies with which the platform already has a partnership, an agreement is underway with the Ministry of Culture, for offers on admission to museums and cultural activities promoted by the State. Soon, discounts on training will be made available to various health professionals, and, at a time when the unemployment rate is increasing, applications for certain jobs submitted on the platform will have priority.

Among the various offers already available are guitar lessons and books, for example. However, Renato Cavadas guarantees that the areas covered by the initiative are various, ranging from food, sports, animals, tourism and services, at a time when many companies are looking to join the initiative.

a totally social project, where the objective is to sensitize people to stay at home, monitoring them, explains Renato Cavadas

At the moment, the team, made up of four people, is competing for some funds to allow the project to continue to be developed. Fundao Calouste Gulbenkian is one of the institutions that is analyzing the application, worth about 10 thousand euros, and Renato Cavadas is confident. We believe that we will be one of the approved projects, he says.