Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

.Eu top-level domain ends its first year of activity with 2.5 million registrations

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

The top-level domain launched last year to identify European-based projects, companies and bodies closed its first year of activity with almost 2.5 million registered sites. The good adhesion to the domain made it the third with more registrations in Europe, only surpassed by Germany and the United Kingdom, indicates a balance sheet document of EURid, managing entity.

The success of the top-level domain maintains growth rates in all EU countries and is now more prevalent in the most populous member states. Portugal is in the second half of the table with a rate of 0.48 percent of domains registered in .eu compared to the total Portuguese population and 2.31 percent, compared to the total European population. Germany leads the registration table and Slovenia closes, with the fewest sites registered in .eu.

Also with regard to registrations made during this first year of generalized access to .eu, the peak was reached in April last year, in the first month of free access, when 76 domain names were registered per second.

The figures made available reveal that in January this year, 78 percent of domain names led to a functioning website or to a email. They also show that since opening to the public, the .eu has given rise to 729 litigation cases, of which 445 were resolved in 2006. The rest were carried over to 2007.

The .eu started being prepared in 1999 but only on April 7, 2006 it was available for registration by any individual or organization. Along the way, there are several steps to prepare for the start-up of the top domain and several phases of its implementation.

From the usage restrictions to national public bodies, .eu moved to the management of the Internet Domain Name System in March 2005, when it became available to any entity, provided that it owns names and brands that enjoyed some kind of legal protection. . The unrestricted opening took place only last year and already occurred with one million registered sites.

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