.Eu domain with start date set for 7 December

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The domain registration period at the top .eu address, which involves European web addresses, begins on 7 December. The first four months are reserved for registered trademarks, and registrations are then opened for the rest of the Internet addresses.

EURid expects that registrations will be open to the public in April 2006, culminating the process of making web addresses available.

The process of creating the .eu domain took a long time, but opening the domain for registration has not been easy either. The registration rules were published in mid-2004 and at the time the registrations were scheduled to open in November of that year, but ICANN ended up giving its approval only in March of this year.

The successive postponements now culminate in the new date, announced yesterday by the EURid consortium, and presentations are also planned in six European cities with the aim of promoting the registration of this European domain.

Portugal appears in the list of registrars accredited with three names, OK2EU, registered by MarketWare, and also JE Dias Costa and J. Pereira da Cruz. AMEN also announced that it started a pre-registration campaign in September, as a result of its international accreditation.

Altogether, almost 470 partners have already been approved by EURid to collect domain registrations.

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