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.Eu domain registration opens to the general public

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European citizens are now able to register Internet addresses ending in .eu, the top domain created to reflect the European Union’s space, which after a period of four months reserved for companies and trademark holders is now available to the general public. public.

Applications have been submitted since 10 am on Friday, being examined in strict order of arrival, guarantees EUrid, the domain’s managing body. To carry out your intention, interested parties will only need to contact one of the more than one thousand registrars accredited members of the EUrid network.

«Nobody can calculate exactly how many registration requests for new names will be received today, but the interest so far is likely that from Friday onwards holders of the new .eu domains will add up to several hundred thousand», Marc Van Wesemael, Director General of EUrid, said in a press release, anticipating the opening of the register.

During the first four hours of the free registration period, EUrid registered more than 700 thousand orders. In the first hour .eu addresses were being registered at an average of 76 per second. Among the first registered .eu sites is and

So far, about 26,500 addresses with Internet suffix .eu are active, as shown on the status EUrid, when registration applications during the Sunrise period exceeded 340,000. Great Britain leads the list, with 239 thousand addresses, compared to the more than 67 thousand that it presented in the pre-registration period, followed by Denmark, with 244 thousand, when it previously presented 59 thousand, and the Netherlands, with more than 126 thousand. At this time, Portugal has almost a thousand more addresses than was observed in the middle of the morning, when it had just over 800 registered .eu addresses.

Editorial note: [17:38]

The news was updated with the accompanying information provided by EUrid.

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