.Eu domain reaches two million addresses in three months

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There are already more than two million .eu domains. The barrier is crossed three months after the definitive opening of the domain, making it the seventh most popular in the world and the third most used in Europe, right after .uk and .de.

By countries, it is Germany and the United Kingdom that use the .eu the most, with 631 and 374 thousand registrations made, reveal data provided by EURid. The Netherlands is the third European country with the largest number of adhesions to the domain, accumulating 43 thousand registrations.

«We were convinced that the domain would become very popular, but we did not anticipate these figures,» recognizes Marc Van Wesemael, general manager of EURid.

It should be remembered that the forecasts of the managing body pointed to the allocation of one million addresses by the end of the year, a number that is exceeded in three months.

The .com domain remains at the top of the most sought after table with 50 million registered addresses.

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