.Eu domain has more than 2.8 million registrations


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Today marks the second anniversary of the opening to all users of the European top-level domain, .eu, which in two years has already managed to reach 2.8 million registrations, 300 thousand of which were made in 2007. Despite these numbers, the domain still does not rank first among European top addresses.

Portuguese participation is also low, even taking into account the weight of Portugal’s population in the EU. According to EURid figures, the domain management entity, the percentage of domains registered by Portuguese. In this comparison, the Germans are ahead of the European list, with 31.4 percent of the registered domains although Poland was the country that registered the highest growth in 2007.

Compared with other domains used worldwide, .eu is in eighth place, naturally behind .com, which has 71.6 million records, but also in German .de and British .uk.

It should be noted, however, that 80 percent of registered domains have been renewed and that EURid indicates that close to 80 percent of registered names refer to an active website and or email server.

It is recalled that the .eu domain was initially opened on December 7, 2005 but only allowing registrations of holders of preemptive rights. Only on April 7, 2006, registrations were opened to all interested parties.

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