Eternity Warriors 2, a PT_BR RPG for Android

Save the world of demons in this Portuguese RPG straight from your Android

Fight demons

Eternity Warriors 2, or simply EW2 as it's called, an RPG that can be played multiplayer or singleplayer.


In it you are in a magical world where there are demons dominating the castles and villages.

Your simple mission is to bring peace back to the kingdom of Udar.

The coolest thing is that the game is all in Portuguese BR, and even though I'm only the biggest fan of RPG style games I'm having fun with this game.

The simple gameplay, on the left side we have the move buttons, on the right side of the screen we have a single attack button, accompanying defense functions and a stronger attack, you can also use potions to increase the vital energy that is measured in a bar. green in the upper left corner.

During the phases you will collect tens that can be used later, weapons, pieces of armor and coins.

If you liked what you saw and want to try this great game, visit the link and download it directly from Google Play here.

Check out the gameplay of Eternity Warriors 2

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