«Estrada Livre» program starts with information from May 1

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Today, a resolution was approved by the Council of Ministers that promotes the signing of a protocol for the provision of a road traffic conditions information service. The «Estrada Livre» Project has the cooperation between the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications, PT Comunicações and EP – Estradas de Portugal, and the cooperation protocol should be signed on the 1st of May.

The statement from the Council of Ministers details that the program aims to «reinforce the monitoring, modernization and inspection of the repair of existing national and regional roads and to combat accidents». In a first phase, which starts already next weekend, a Single Telephone Number will be launched for Road Damage Alert throughout the national territory, with the telephone call charged as a local call.

During the first half of the year, the «Estrada Livre Portal» should start, according to the same statement, an Internet site where information on «traffic, accidents, alternatives, routes, rules and legislation» will be concentrated. The portal will use a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Another resolution approved today defines the organic law of the Coordination Unit for Administrative Modernization, which aims to develop the modernization and simplification of Public Administration. This new unit should be a «platform for articulation and coordination of the various entities and instruments aimed at promoting, dynamizing and monitoring the process of reforming public administration, without prejudice to the competences of each one and the respective hierarchical dependencies».

The coordination of the Administrative Modernization Coordination Unit is in charge of Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, but the structure will also comprise a coordinating council made up of the President of the Management Institute of Lojas do Cidadão, the Manager of the National Network of Business Formalities Centers , the Manager of the Public Administration Operational Program and the Responsible at UMIC – Knowledge Society Agency, also indicates the statement by the Council of Ministers.

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