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Error 401: Hotmail out of reach of users worldwide; understand | Internet

The Outage Report website, responsible for monitoring errors on the web, classified the situation as extreme because of the high number of complaints. In addition, he pointed to the United States as the country most affected by the failure with 912 reports, followed by Australia with 332. The issue also extends to India, Mexico and Brazil, which complete the list of the ten places with the highest incidence of the case. However, on Twitter, Italian user Giovanna Baldasarre (@giobaldasarre) claims to have faced the same access difficulties.

According to Service Status, a Microsoft page that points out problems in the company's services, the problem has already been identified and is being repaired. Also according to the website, the error started at 10:22 pm on Thursday. The company's other products, such as OneDrive and Microsoft To-Do, appear to be operating normally.

dnetc contacted Microsoft to find out more about the case, but so far there has been no response from the company.