Ericsson is another low weight in MWC 2020. The fault lies with the Coronavirus

Ericsson is another low weight in MWC 2020. The fault lies with the Coronavirus

While recognizing the effort that the GSMA is doing everything possible to control risks, but "as one of the largest exhibitors, Ericsson has thousands of visitors at its stand every day, and even if the risk is reduced, the company cannot guarantee the health and safety of employees and visitors ".

To show the demos that it had prepared for MWC, Ericsson is going to do a roadshow which it called Ericsson Unboxed and which will pass through several markets.

Impact at the Mobile World Conference

The Mobile World Conference is the largest technology conference in Europe and brings together over 100 thousand visitors connected to the sector. Despite being in Europe, the event is truly global, with 208 countries represented, more than 2,400 companies and a conference with 320 speakers, 3,500 journalists and lots of entertainment.

The largest manufacturers in the world of mobility and technology mark their place here, reserving large advertisements and participating in large-scale conferences and stands, bringing employees, customers and partners, scheduling meetings and concentrating these days a large part of the identification of opportunities, the possibility of "peeking at the competition" and seeing trends.

Shortly after the withdrawal from LG, the GSMA communicated ensuring that it continues to monitor the situation and that it has taken all precautions.

Also after the announcement of the departure of LG, Bloomberg questioned several companies about its intention to maintain its presence at MWC.

There are fears, however, that the abandonment movement is just beginning and that other companies are taking the same option.

Even without MWC, there is no doubt that the spread of Coronavirus is giving headaches to organizations and companies that do business in China. The virus, which has already killed more than six hundred people in China and has now spread to almost 20 countries, has been the subject of some containment decisions. Companies like Apple, Google and Amazon, among others, are preventing their employees from traveling and even returning from China.