Eric Schmidt Reveals Google's View of Android on Netbooks

Although Google avoided talking about any aspect or information that involves the possibility of porting the Android mobile operating system to Netbooks, Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, decided to break the silence and discussed the matter for the first time.

“Overall, it seems that Android has a very, very strong year. We are already aware of many, many uses of Android, which as you know made from open code, demonstrating that our strategy is working, ”said Schmidt.

“About Netbooks, there are a number of people who have actually taken Android and ported their system to Netbooks or similar devices. We believe that this is one of the great advantages of the open code model that we have used. We are excited that the investment is taking place ”.

Schmidt added that new announcements about Android and hardware are coming. "Advertisements will take place between today and until the end of the year and will be very significant for operators and new hardware partners for Android, which I will not reveal except to say that they really fulfill a large part of the vision we had envisaged more than a year ago" concluded the executive.