Erase that gives time: function to be released on WhatsApp soon

It's been almost a year since WhatsApp has been testing the function of canceling a sent message. It turns out that this feature has already gone into beta on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, but so far we had no prediction about its final release.

WhatsApp's main competitor, Telegram, has been able to cancel messages for some time. Obviously, Facebook is chasing after the rival messenger to make the function available to its users. The first test was done on iOS, and the function called "revoke". To get the desired result the user needed to cancel the submission before the sender received the notification.

Soon after, few Android users received the feature via beta, but with some differences. In this case, the message could be revoked before the recipient read it, ie when the double check is grayed out. Subsequent updates to the app removed the cancel option until it appeared in the Windows Phone beta earlier this year.

Now the WhatsApp Beta Info, a profile that specializes in covering WhatsApp updates, has found that the message canceling function will finally be released to all users enrolled in the messenger beta program:

Most interestingly, the user will be notified when a message has been deleted by the sender, either inside the app or then through the notification bar. According to the profile, the function comes through an update that will be distributed by the WhatsApp server, not by Google Play. In this case, all you have to do, if you participate in the beta program, wait until the option appears in the app.

WhatsApp doesn't usually take long to release a final feature after it appears in beta. But it is noteworthy that the company can go back and cancel the availability of it in new versions, as has happened several times with other functions.

And, are you looking forward to testing the function of revoking messages in WhatsApp?

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