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Equalizer – Give a power to your music!

Don't you sometimes have the impression that listening to music on your smartphone is, say, bothersome? Especially when you have a very eclectic taste that requires different and appropriate equalizations for the genre you are hearing at a certain moment? Well … Many think this may just be a quality issue related to the headset. There are those who spend the most money on spectacular headphones and yet complain about the sound quality. Always something does not sound as it should …

That is why we will present here the Equalizer. It is an app that allows you to set the volume levels of different music genres and save them.

Functions & Usage

An Equalizer requirement to root the phone. And the app only works with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

When you start the application you will notice that by default there are pre-set adjustments for each music genre. Best of all, almost everyone is well equalized. Below is a list of available equalizations:

NormalClassicalDanceFlatFolkHeavy MetalHip HopJazzPopRockLatin

Default settings can be activated automatically and recognize gender automatically using tags. Automatic detection comes pre-set, but only works with music we have on our device. If your device supports Equalizer, you can download a "pro" version by 1.50. With it you can save your own adjustments. This version gives substantial power to the sound of your headset.

Using the 5 band equalizer, you can decide which of the fields to change. This allows you to experiment with various adjustments until you find the perfect sound. For those who want to blast out bass, it is recommended to use the Equalizer with the Bass Booster together. The sound is "animal". The Equalizer also has a "Virtualizer" with 3D effects, which can also be adjusted. And if you wonder if you can access Equalizer while you are using another application, the answer is yes. Just enable the messages on the taskbar. You can also use a widget for the home screen to show Equalizer settings. But it is not possible to make equalization changes through it. Another option is to create a shortcut between home and Equalizer settings. This only applies to default settings.


Equalizer dramatically improves audio quality and helps you get the most out of your headset power. Even more so if you have the patience to try different equalizations for each genre of music you usually listen to.

Screen & Controls

Equalizer controls are quite simple, especially for users who are already familiar with equalizers. If you are a beginner, it may take a while before you can get the full potential of your headset exploited through this equalizer. But if it comes to your interest, somehow you have to start. Over time, you will become an expert.

The design of the Equalizer is very interesting.

Speed ​​& Stability

It is recommended that you try the free version first before purchasing the PRO. And one thing must be stressed: Equalizer works well with Android, but not with those whose processors are slower.

Price / Performance Ratio

Free Equalizer in the App Center. The PRO version costs 1.50 for those who want to save personal adjustments to the equalization.

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