Epic Games lançará loja própria para concorrer com a Steam, cliente para Linux está no radar.

Epic Games will launch its own store to compete with Steam, client for Linux is on the radar.

Epic Games announced on its blog this Tuesday (4), the release of the Epic Games Store, direct competitor of Steam, which is maintained by Valve. According to Epic Games, her platform will be more profitable to devs.

The announcement was made by Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney, commenting that after 5 years developing an ecosystem with multi-payment payments, with their Launcher and Unreal Engine for PRAÇA and Mac, thanks to the large-scale growth of the Fortnite, it would be time to deliver something more to the developers.

Still according to Tim, Epic wants to deliver a store with fair rewards to devs and also a direct relationship with them, thus facilitating communication.

Now comes his talk that made many people hopeful, and I include myself in them =), was as follows:

Soon we will launch the Epic Games Store and we will begin a long journey to advance the cause of all developers. The store will be launched with a hand-curated set of games for both PC and Mac, then open wider to other games and to Android and other platforms opened throughout 2019.

Well, as the folks at GamingOnLinux blog commented, which open platform could occupy this space? Most likely Linux. And that would be no nonsense, because as we commented in August, in the article Hollywood joins the Linux Foundation to create the Academy Software Foundation, one of the companies opening Linux was Epic Games, so she launched her platform for him on the It would be nothing unusual or out of the ordinary, since Unreal Engine 4 already works on Linux and that would not be the size hurdle for Penguin games.

Another Epic Games card is to lure developers through the financial side of the platform, giving a larger share of what Valve offers, even though it shifts to policies, where it says:

As of October 1, 2018 (i.e., not counting accumulated revenue prior to this period), when a game raises more than $ 10 million on Steam, the app's revenue share will be adjusted to 75% / 25 % is not raised beyond that $ 10 million. Starting at US $ 50 million, the revenue share will be adjusted to 80% / 20% of what is raised beyond that US $ 50 million. Revenue counts game packages, additional content, in-game content sale, and the game fee charged for transactions on the Steam Community Market. We expect this change to reward the positive networking effects generated by major game developers by aligning their interests with those of Steam and the wider community. – Valve via official blog.

J Epic Games will offer 88% to all devs who will use your platform and still not charge the traditional 5% of royalties who uses his engine for games, showing a graph in his presentation to make it easier to understand:

I think Linux is going to be the mysterious platform, besides Android, and for me a right attitude, always welcome competition and so makes Valve work also not to be left behind, thus improving its service. I also think the likely arrival of Epic Games at the Linux, will be very beneficial, because this way we will have another great company in the gaming world betting on the penguin system and this can bring more companies to it, because not thinking about Blizzard and Ubisoft? Never know.

What do you think will happen to the new Steam competitor?

Until next time and a big hug.

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