Epic Games Store now runs on Lutris, and project wins invitation from Tim Sweeney

Now the Epic Games game store can be run smoothly on Linux through Lutris.

When we talk about games and Linux In the same sentence, this causes some rebuke in the comments wherever it may be, it can be on social networks, blogs, websites and even at the corner of Seu Linus, but it seems that things are changing and the infamous phrase Linux has no games. are getting more and more numbered. The next to help this may be to Epic Games.

Epic Games Store now runs on Lutris, and project wins invitation from Tim Sweeney When she launched her store for game sales, we made an article addressing it more fully and you can check it here, in summary we can take the statement made at the time, which was:

Soon we will launch the Epic Games Store and we will begin a long journey to advance the cause of all developers. The store will be launched with a hand-curated set of games for both PC and Mac, then open wider for other games and for Android and other open platforms throughout 2019.

Speaking of open game platforms, Lutris folks were developing a script for installing the Epic Games Store, but since the launch of the store, it didn't work properly and thus causing the famous flasher with glitches on it. interface, making it almost impossible to use, but it seems to be over, at least for the time being.

In an announcement on their Twitter, the Lutris folks announced that the Epic Games store was now running without this blinker and that everyone could run the wool games, barring Fortnite because of the Easy Anti-Cheat that bars Wine / Proton.

In the tweet in question, they tagged the Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, who has sometimes stated that he supports the Open Source project, and to the surprise of many, he responded to the tweet with a Great work! and shortly thereafter, to his surprise, he recommends that Lutris people join the program Epic MegaGrantsBriefly, Epic Games funding for projects using Unreal Engine 4 or open source tools that enhance its features to benefit the 3D graphics and gaming community.

The Tweet tread you can check below:

For many it may go unnoticed or even unimportant, but this comment from Epic's boss may signal that they are eyeing Penguin World and that they may soon come to him, as with Stem in 2013. launching your client to Linux. So, for me, it's pretty exciting, and why not think about Fortnite running on Linux natively soon?

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