Entry version of the new MacBook Air brings SSD slower than the previous

Announced a week ago, the new MacBooks Air may have been $ 100 cheaper in the United States (R $ 700, here in Brazil), but there is a small however that Apple preferred to omit at launch.

As the French website found out Consomac [Google Tradutor], the SSD of the entry-level version of the new MacBook Air is slower than the previous one.

In the 256GB version, they calculated – using the Blackmagic Disk Speed ​​Test utility – a performance of 1GB / s for recording it’s from 1.3GB / s for reading, against 920MB / s and 2GB / s of the previous generation, respectively. There was a small gain in the speed of writing, but a nice drop in reading.

It is known that the greater the capacity of the SSD, the better its performance. So, the new MacBook Air with 128GB of storage did even worse in the test: 500MB / s for writing and 1.3GB / s for reading. But this, it is worth noting, also happened in the 2018 version.

The good news is that even these rates are still very good for the average MacBook Air usage. The vast majority of consumers of this machine will not notice any difference in performance based on these numbers.

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