Entrepreneurs and scientists claim to the Government strategies to invest in science and innovation

Entrepreneurs and scientists claim to the Government strategies to invest in science and innovation

Scientists and businessmen sent a manifesto to the Government to defend an urgent position to relaunch Portugal's future. The letter addressed to Antnio Costa, signed by 50 scientists and 50 national entrepreneurs and managers, calls for the definition of visionary strategies for economic and social development based on a strong commitment to science and innovation.

The signatories ask for the guarantee of financial mechanisms and cooperation between the public and private sectors, so that Portugal assumes a leadership position and contributes to increasing competitiveness in Europe.

The request was made during a period in which the European Council Horizon 2021-2027 European Framework Program budget is being negotiated at the European Council, with a possible cut of € 5 billion expected. And that on 17/18 July, the Economic and Social Recovery Plan for 2020-2030 will be debated in Portugal, in the Council of Ministers. The group says it is urgent to move forward with research and innovation strategies, making them a priority at national and European level.

More than ever, science and innovation occupy an essential and determining space in society, namely in the identification of solutions for public health emergencies, in the definition of response strategies, in the determination of the necessary public policies or in the existing business models . The current pandemic has brought a known but often overlooked truth to the spotlight, it can be read in the statement.

it is still justified that Portugal's position in the fight against the pandemic results from the investment and production of knowledge in the last 30 years, highlighting the record time it hears in the mobilization, in the reorganization in the production of knowledge, the diagnostic methods and the use of equipment in the fight against the pandemic.