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Enhance your home's Wi-Fi network with the DM Link 200Mbps Wireless Powerline Repeater

Who listens to our podcast (the MacMagazine On Air) You must have seen me complain about my Wi-Fi network at least once. Despite having hired a good service with very honest download and upload speeds (50Mbps and 30Mbps, respectively), I rarely reach these numbers for a simple reason: interference / signal quality. To do this, I need to sit practically next to the router.

Fortunately, there are products like 200Mbps Wireless Powerline Repeater (from D-Link) to help us when we face situations like this.

N150 PoweLine, by D-Link

No matter the reason (if your house has thick concrete walls or if you have other devices interfering with the signal), the first thing you should do is position the router in a relatively good place so that it can distribute the signal throughout the house. The second is to see if some devices like cordless phones, microwaves and others are interfering (you can unplug them and see if the connection improves, for example). The third test the connection in different bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz, if your router has support for dual band) and placements. If none of that resolves, you should go for a solution like the 200Mbps Wireless Powerline Repeater.

N150 PoweLine, by D-Link

What he does is very simple, but very useful. Basically the kit turns your electrical network into a data network, eliminating signal problems. Just connect the base next to your router and the extender in the environment where you are having a problem receiving the signal. Do you want to relay the signal to another method (s)? Simple: add other extender (s).

N150 PoweLine, by D-Link

If you are still experiencing signal problems, you can connect the repeater via cable to your Smart TV, video game, Mac / PC or any other electronics to get a higher speed on these devices. That is, in the worst case you get good cable connections without necessarily having to be on the side of the router.

It has no mystery. The only requirement for everything to work is to place the base and extender connected on the same electrical network.

Simple, right? We are undoubtedly talking about one of the easiest and friendliest solutions to increase the signal of your Wi-Fi network. If you face problems of this type, it is very worthwhile to test the 200Mbps Wireless Powerline Repeater before going out throwing your electronic devices through the window, tear down the walls of the house or move due to the Wi-Fi signal.