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Engineer creates rob vacuum cleaner that flies to clean higher places in the house

The year is coming to an end, but there is still time to see a few different things, the novelty is a robot vacuum cleaner able to fly to a higher place to continue its cleaning. Cleaning robots detect collision and stop at limits so as not to fall or have a problem, which may not be interesting in some cases, if you want the second floor to be clean, for example, you need to take it by hand and take it to you. up the stairs. Peter Sripol, YouTuber Engineer, shares on his channel something that can change the way we look at these gadgets, he coupled propellers to a model of vacuum cleaner robot, making it able to "dribble stairs".

There were three propellers installed around the robot's body, and the result was much more curious than practical, though it ensures that you can take the gadget to a higher level with a remote control. To get started, non-autonomous flight, you need to keep an eye on it at least during the flight, which is not surprising, quality autonomous flights are currently made by advanced technology drones.

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The components are not cheap either, apart from the robot vacuum cleaner that was around $ 50, the parts cost $ 200, about $ 800. Even with the problems of something improvised, it shows that for a not so distant future, this kind of gadget can be really useful and occupy our homes. Maybe something more advanced can leave our house tidy without having to make great efforts, would be the realization of many people's dream.

Robs are getting smarter and research indicates that Brazilians rely more on them in the workplace than other partners, which indicates how open we are to accepting machines on a daily basis. Read more in the news.

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