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THE Endless It is a company that focuses on enabling technology access for people with limited connections and engaging new users with the technological environment. Having several projects ranging from embedded Linux hardware, own software, your operating system Endless OS. The company also develops games through Endless Studios. educational-games-educational-logic-math-endless-studios-linux-flatpak-ubuntu-mint-teaching-kindergarten-school If there is a project I hat Endless OS and its entire ecosystem. Unlike many who are more of the same, Endless's proposal is totally different and aggregating. Be it with your software, or even games. Incidentally, I was surprised by the quality and creativity of their games. To know behind the scenes of this project, we have a Diocast interviewing Endless peopleI highly recommend it.

Games that are fun and eager to know

Being a project focused on new users, who in a general context are more engaged with technologies such as smartphones or have never had a contact with a PC. It is noticeable that Endless is successful among children, students and the elderly.

You might be thinking: Here comes those very simple and silly educational games for young children. This is where you fall off the horse (today I am so informal). What filled my eyes was seeing games that enable you to learn while having fun. Not only focused on children, even if the minimum recommended age is over 8 years. The look, the gameplay, the challenges and the knowledge provided something that enchanted me. How nice to see something very elaborate. With a pedagogical purpose? Yes! However, it makes possible the indifferent diversion of its age.

Endless Studio Titles

See below a brief summary of each game and draw your own conclusions. An interesting detail, all are free.


All the water has disappeared from your village and it's up to you to save the day! Go on an adventure to connect the water pipes, and bring her back to your village. Solve puzzles and work your way through 15 levels on fun and challenging islands. You can find out and learn a few things along the way.

Dragons Apprentice

An evil force has spread across the land of Ovun and is threatening to destroy the peaceful city. Be the hero Ovun needs! Unlock the secrets of the hidden Drago Temples and awaken Dalfur. Only with this dragon will you defeat the evil Shadow Warlord and his minions, the Shadow Fiends.

Frog Squash

Do you have what it takes to cross these treacherous roads? Avoid arrows, saws and fireballs to avoid being crushed! Choose from eight different animals to cross these dangerous roads. The key to survival is to accumulate many items and once you've mastered the roads, hack your pet's AI and go further than ever!

Tank warriors

Take control of your own tank to battle through multilevel arenas, defeat the enemy and complete objectives. Upgrade your tanks to be faster, tougher and more powerful than your opponents! Invade your tank's AI to outsmart the enemy's tank and become an absolute champion! Build your tank fleet with real code … Can you outsmart the artificial intelligence of the game?

The passage

You landed on a mysterious planet with a mission; Find the secret map to locate the hidden bunker. Can you find it? Hack the world to cross dangerous lands and obstacles inside. Play to find out if you can get past The Pass.

Midnightmare teddy

You are in a dream … or maybe a nightmare! All the toys have come to life and are chasing you. Fight them and run to survive as long as you can. Want the ultimate challenge? Try Math Mode and use your numerical skills as a weapon to fight the evil toys!

games-educational-educational-logic-math-endless-studios-linux-flatpak-ubuntu-mint-teaching-nursery-school-games-educational-games-logical-math-endless-studios-linux-flatpak-ubuntu- mint-kindergarten-school-midnightmare-teddy

Missile Math

Test your area maneuvers to be the best pilot in the sky. Explode enemy aircraft and avoid rapid fire during flight. Play Math Mode to fool your enemies using your quick thinking and computational skills.


How to download and install Endless games

Visit this link and install the games you want. games-educational-educational-logic-math-endless-studios-linux-flatpak-ubuntu-mint-teaching-nursery-school-games-educational-games-logical-math-endless-studios-linux-flatpak-ubuntu- mint-kindergarten-school-flathub

For example, I will install the game Aqueducts. However, the logic is the same for everyone.


Below will be the commands needed to install the game.


Proceed as above, obviously Flatpak must be configured on your system (as mentioned above).

(Command that installs the game on Flatpak).

flatpak install flathub com.endlessnetwork.aqueducts

(If you want to run via terminal, but the game appears next to your system programs).

flatpak run com.endlessnetwork.aqueducts

Congratulations to the Endless team for producing a high quality content. I was delighted with these educational games.

See a little more about Endless OS with this review and installation tutorial.

Do you know other games with this footprint? Join our Diolinux Plus forum, and share knowledge.

Until the next post, as always, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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