COVID-19 causes another "low": 5G auction postponed in France

End of telecommunications loyalty to promote new 5G operators. What does the Competition Authority say?

Margarida Matos Rosa also said that customers will want a faster internet, that's why they want 5G. The representative thus explained the need for this reserve for new operators, also defending the "importance" of giving access to operators who do not buy spectrum themselves, but who pay for the use of the spectrum of others.

The President of AdC defended, as for 5G, that there should be national roaming. However, he stressed that there are risks of network sharing, which lead to "for too many years there are conditions, among those who share the network, which are too similar without additional investment".

Telecommunications prices in Portugal are very high and exceed 700 euros per year

Citing official data, the President of the AdC reminded the deputies that the average expenditure on telecommunications is 700 euros per year per family. This is a value that he considers to be "very high" and that leads to a need to promote "pressure on costs and quality of service.

The statements emerged after the beginning of June, the president of the National Communications Authority (ANACOM) reinforced the position of the entity it manages, guaranteeing that the data on telecommunications prices in Portugal are irrefutable. A day earlier, the Association of telecommunications operators APRITEL accused ANACOM of insisting "on comparing what is not comparable", by saying that in Portugal the most expensive prices in Europe are practiced.

The truth is that the President of the AdC considers the cost of these services "a concern", even before the 5G auction, which was stopped due to the pandemic and which was recently rescheduled towards the end of the year. According to ANACOM's update, the frequency allocation only takes place in 2021.

In view of the current context of public health crisis that Portugal, and the whole world, faces, Margarida Matos Rosa considers it "essential to take advantage" of this moment. The President of the AdC considers that the telecommunications sector is one of the "most important" sectors for the economy and families, and that the digitization process has become essential with the pandemic, teleworking, online commerce and distance learning.