End of sync between Google Photos and Drive

Based on negative feedback from users about the current connection between Photos and Drive, Google decided to disintegrate the products and make them completely independent.

“So, next month (July 10th), we are making some changes to simplify the experience on Drive and Photos,” published the search engine.

“Google Photos and Google Drive will no longer be automatically synced. With this change, you will be able to easily choose where videos and photos will be stored on products ”.

The word “easily”, said by Google during the announcement, does not put the changes into context. At the same time, the novelty could mean an increase in online storage space.

End of synchronization

New photos and videos uploaded to Drive will no longer automatically appear in Photos. Likewise, new photos and videos in Photos will not be added to the Google Photos folder in Google Drive.

Photos and videos deleted in Google Drive will not be removed from Google Photos. Likewise, deleted items in Photos will not be removed from Drive.

Importing files from Drive to Photos

Google Photos will allow users to import videos and photos from Drive. However, items copied between Google Drive and Google Photos in original quality will consume storage space.

In the case of uploading videos and photos using the Backup and Sync tool, Google will send a copy for each service, but will not consume duplicate storage.

Are your Drive and Photos synchronized?

For those who use synchronization between existing services, videos and photos, they will remain on Google Photos and Google Drive.

Items synced before July 10, 2019 will not consume additional storage.