End of likes? Understand the Instagram quiz that will hide likes | Social networks

Instagram has revealed that it is trying to get a photo or video's likes out during the opening of the 2018 F8 conference, a Facebook event that began last Tuesday (30). Instagram will not "like" but hide this data from the general public. The first tests are being done with a restricted number of users.

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Knowing this news, people's first reaction was to understand that Instagram will get likes, but that's not what will happen. Interaction tools like like, the foundation of any social network, and Instagram is no different. Users will be able to access the number of likes from their own posts, but this data will not be shown to followers. Below we try to explain the aspects that led to this change and the implications for the future of the platform.

UPDATE (July 17): Instagram has announced that it has begun to hide social networking likes in Brazil. The experimental (and not definitive) change is only available for some accounts. The intent of the app is to "lower the mood of competition among followers," as the official note states.

Instagram will hide the likes of the general audience Photo: Divulgao / InstagramInstagram will hide the likes of the general audience Photo: Divulgao / Instagram

Instagram will hide the likes of the general audience Photo: Divulgao / Instagram

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When will the news be available?

Facebook has not yet commented on the date for this change to take effect. The tests are currently being conducted by selected users in Canar. There is also no forecast for the appeal to reach Brazil so far.

What is the real goal behind this change?

According to The Verge, an unidentified spokesman for the site said the main goal was to push the user off the pressure. Instagram understands that your social network should be a place for people to express themselves, not a popularity contest. In addition, they want to make the environment less toxic and competitive.

Will I still have access to my number of likes?

Yes, every user will know exactly how many likes a photo or video has received, but this will not be open to the public. Asked by TechCrunch about how influencers will deal with this news, a Facebook spokesman said they are studying a way for the user to demonstrate their digital value to potential brands who want to sponsor their content.

What other features will be in the testing phase?

During the F8 congress, Instagram leader Adam Mosseri announced other possible platform tools that will be tested, most aimed at combating bullying on the social photo network. One of them will poke the user when he is writing a toxic or offensive message in some way, before posting the comment.

Another tool is Away mode, which allows users to close all Instagram notifications and leave their account suspended without deleting, ideal for times when you are having a difficult time. Once you can get through this phase, you can go back as normal as everyone can be there.

In addition, new features will give the user more control over how people will interact with their profile. That way you can choose who can send a private message, for example, or who can comment on your posts.