«Empresa na Hora» initiative receives 2,827 registrations in six months

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Between July 14 and January 31, 2,827 «Empresas na Hora» were created, a number that already represents 21 percent of commercial companies created in Portugal since 2005, according to data recently advanced by the Minister of Justice, Alberto Costa.

In a public presentation on the governmental measures «Empresa na Hora», «O Documento Único Automóvel» and «On-line publications of the acts of companies», responsible for the Ministry of Justice also guaranteed that Portugal became the European State where it is most quick to set up a company.

In addition to speed, the Ministry of Justice also points out to the «Empresa na Hora» system other advantages such as the ease, safety and low cost of the process.

Launched last June, the service already exists in 25 service stations and at the end of February it will be available in 30 stations, covering all districts of mainland Portugal.

As part of the «Single Auto Document» initiative, the Ministry of Justice revealed that in about three months, more than half a million registration certificates had already been issued.

Since, as of January 1, «Online publications of company acts» were made available, allowing companies to stop publishing the acts related to their life in the Diário da República and to do so on a website of the Ministry of Justice , 13,277 acts were published quickly and cheaply, leading companies to save 15 to 17 million euros, according to Ministry reports.

«This is good news for companies that have to endure less bureaucracy, have to practice less acts, do not need to make so many trips to the Conservatories and the Courts, thus being able to dedicate themselves more intensively to the tasks that economic growth imposes», said Alberto Costa to journalists.

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