Elon Musk says coronavirus panic is “stupid”

Tesla creator Elon Musk apparently believes there is no need to panic with the coronavirus

O coronavirus is affecting the population and industry around the world, and Brazil It is not different: recently the Ministry of Health of Brazil launched an application that offers information about COVID-19. Now, Elon Musk He said that people need not be terrified by the outbreak and that the panic caused does not make sense.

According to Tesla's creator, “panic with the coronavirus and stupid“. Most of Musk's followers agreed with the publication on Twitter. One of his followers even said that people should be prepared for pandemics, natural disasters and other events that can plague society, and that the current panic over the virus outbreak would be meaningless.

The point made by Elon Musk that mortality is not as high as in other epidemics that ended up causing deaths worldwide, as was the case with SARS, which killed 10% of infected people in the 26 affected countries. In relation to the coronavirus, the rate varies between 2% to 3.5%.

However, large companies in the technology market are concerned with the situation of the coronavirus. For example, Apple encouraged work home-office to employees who work physically in Silicon Valley, California. Other companies, such as Microsoft and Alphabet they also made similar decisions.

Coronavrus Elon MuskIn Brazil, local transmission of the coronavirus has started to become a concern for the government

One of Tesla's factories in China stopped operating during January, but it resumed its activity in early February.

Coronavirus statement divides opinions of followers

Although most of the followers agree with the billionaire, many believe that irresponsibility to publish such a message to the 31 million profiles that follow him, mainly because the problem has been classified as a pandemic through the World Health Organization (WHO).

To date, confirmed cases of coronaviruses in Brazil have increased to 25, with 4 by local transmission. The states of So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Alagoas, Esprito Santo, Minas Gerais and the Federal District have already confirmed cases in several cities. 632 suspicions have already been ruled out, but there are still 664 other cases for analysis. Most of the suspicions are in So Paulo, accounting for 176 cases.

Source: Usa Today

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