Elgato lana Multi Mount Multifunctional Support System for Content Producers

THE Elgato, a manufacturer of electronic products, announced a new system of expansive equipment aimed at content producers, the Multi mount. The main functionality is support for lights, cameras, microphones and smartphones.

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The company launched in early 2019 a lighting fixture that could be attached to a table so that video creators had an easier option to correct the light of their surroundings. This new equipment has been upgraded from the market, allowing more objects to be trapped in work environments.


Gadget looks like a USB stick and lets you use a DSLR or GoPro directly on your PC

The Multi Mount One extendable and multifunctional systemIt can be used for: lighting, cameras, microphones and other objects. There are different expansions of equipment so that different specific needs can be met. The basic equipment was announced by $ 49.99 Can be extended to about 1.1 meter, set on a table. It has a center ball "head" with a quarter-inch bolt that allows you to mount the gear.

There are even different attachments that can be attached to enhance support. The company offers an extra option with a "flexible arm", which can fold to three different locations, giving three size options, and has approximately 24 inches of horizontal range. It costs an additional $ 39.99.

There is also a heavy base of approximately 4.8kg, which costs more $ 39.99. Another accessory available is the smartphone dock, which is stable and stable for your device at different times, safely and additional $ 14.99.

The main advantages of the Multi Mount are the practicality of transforming your workspace, so that the camera can be framed in different angles (top, like left and right support camera, etc). It is also possible to fit the microphone more comfortably to produce podcasts for example, or record audio separately. The complete equipment, which has the base and all the accessories, is being sold. for $ 144.96, about $ 602, without considering any fees and taxes.

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