Welcome Screen do elementary OS

elementary OS introduces new splash screen!

As the old saying goes, "the first impression you get". No doubt that says a lot about Linux software and distributions. Post-installation, or the installation itself, is a very important time for a system to gain new users and show how much it cares about its new user. The elementary OS, which has always been recognized for its refined design, has just created a new experience for its newcomers.

Welcome Screen from elementary OS

Among the various Linux distros, in my view, elementary OS stands out for creating a new platform on Linux, just as Android did, though much closer to the technologies used on other systems, there's no denying that Because it has its own Indie store with integrated payment system, an SDK suitable for development, a graphic environment of its own, linked to its working philosophies make it at least interesting.

Known for caring about system details, the elementary OS team has been working on an installer to stop using Ubuntu's Ubiquity, which, oddly enough, was eventually deployed to System76's Pop! _OS than it was to elementary OS itself. Along with this installer comes the post install, and we all know how important the moment you are going to use your new system for the first time.

New Welcome Screen

Using a Dell laptop, he shows us the new features:

In the demo, we see a sample of what this new boot screen looks like, where you create your user during the first boot, as happens on Android or Windows (and macOS as well), as well as quick links and settings for some details. from elementary OS.

Probably can not be said to be something revolutionary, but taking care of every detail that has a better whole. There is still no forecast for this implementation, but it is easy to bet that we will have news in the next version of elementary OS, which should come out only next year.

I particularly liked what I saw, what did you think? Do you like or use elementary OS?

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