elementary OS 5.0 Juno released! Get to know the news and download it!

Elementary OS developers have announced the latest version of the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS-based system, which comes with visual, performance and interface enhancements.

Cassidy James Blaede, one of the key developers of elementary OS, announced the release of version 5.0 (Juno) of the system through a post. on the official blog from elementary OS, telling all the news in the new version of distro.

A stoning of the Loki

The name "Loki" here refers to the codename of the immediately previous version of elementary OS, based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. We have a review of this version here on the blog for you to check including, but debut bringing the elementary OS Loki discussion because if you are the kind of user who just "takes a look" at the system at each release, you will end up seeing in the current version, Juno, "just" a cut of the Loki version.

We have few eye-popping visual changes, but don't let that fool you. Elementary OS 5.0 really is a stoner of what was done in the previous version, but there are a lot of usability details, visual cohesion, and features that have been modified, though it's not obvious at first glance.

Subtle changes that make the difference

elementary OS AppCenter

A very subtle change that causes an interesting marketing sensation (which is an area I love) is the change in numbering. Elementary OS Loki accounted for the number "0.4.x", which gave the impression that the system had not yet reached its maturity, not at least "1.0". In this new version, to end this impression, the nomenclature was "5.0" and "0.5", which is definitely a positive thing.

Although the project is solid and has well-defined objectives, elementary OS still has a long way to go to make its business model something of "extreme success", but undoubtedly something we all hope for.

Elementary OS, in this respect, seems to me to be the kind of system you can say something like: "OK, I do not agree with the direction you are taking, but at least you are sure what you want"I particularly like people who have clear goals and are concerned with pleasing those who like the proposal.

We have changes and refinements in the system settings panel, in WingPanel (Top Bar), a new theme of folders icons and redesigned icons for various file types, among many other things.

We also had significant improvements in the app store "pay what you want"that the system has, which eventually attracted more and more developers to the system, putting distro one step closer to its goal: to become a new platform for Open Source software.

By checking the videos below you will have a clear notion of all the news in the system:

In addition to the elementary …

Although the elementary OS has a vast ecosystem today, many things are still left to the Ubuntu base that the system carries. At no time do developers disregard this from users, quite the contrary, when you visit the "About" tab in the settings panel, you will see the phrase "built on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS"

Because of this, elementary OS has common elements from the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, such as the Kernel, the driver version and the "bulk" of the packages contained in its repository. At the moment, everything you see on your elementary OS screen is the responsibility of the distro developers, but much of what you don't see comes from Ubuntu.

Ubuntu's LTS versions are really very solid and stable, especially the base system, usually any bugs occur in software and interface implementations on and around this base, not the system base. With the new elementary OS you will have the Linux 4.15.x kernel, Nvidia 390.x and Mesa 18.1 drivers (AMD and Intel), however this can be modified by adding PPAs, or manually, which requires a little advanced knowledge. in Ubuntu for such.

Speaking of extra repositories, although elementary OS can support Snaps, Flatpaks, and PPAs, none of the formats are accepted natively, and it's up to the user to make the appropriate modifications to enable the desired support.

Where to download the new version of elementary OS?

Are you interested and would like to download the new version of the system to do your own testing? This very simple, just go to the elementary OS website and download. Something that generates a bit of doubt among newbies that elementary OS is a "pay what you want" system, so on the download page you will be asked to download through a financial collaboration; collaboration that can be of any value inclusive none. elementary OS Download Free

If you want to download elementary OS for free in a direct or torrent download, simply set "zero" as the value and download without complication.

See you next time!

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