Electronics sales during Black Friday fell about 6% in 2012

During the sexta-feira Negra, one of the biggest discount days of the year in the United States, sales in various sectors tend to increase exponentially, taking almost all products off the shelves.

However, compared to the sales of sexta-feira Negra In 2011, the amount of electronics sold fell 5.6% this year, according to a survey conducted by the NPD Group. Despite this, computers, Android tablets and TVs accounted for 58% of all revenue generated during the discount day, in contrast to last year's 51%.

Table - Top 5 electronics during Black Friday

The number of Android tablets sold during Friday's low prices grew 177% from last year, but the average price fell from US219 to US $ 151 per device. Windows computers saw a 10% decline in sales, but the number of MacBooks sold remained stable.

The survey, which excluded Kindles, iPads, Surfaces, cell phones and video games, can be read in full on the NPD Group website.

(via AppleInsider)