Electronic railways map wins Eureka award

4th Innovation Days: Electronic railways map wins Eureka award

The E-Railmap was the project selected by the jury of the Eureka Innovation Days Award, winning a financing of 10 thousand euros that should be used to promote the product that is already being marketed.

This project was selected from 19 applications submitted for this edition of the award.

The award was one of the highlights of the Eureka ministerial conference, which brought together representatives and ministers from the 38 member countries of this European technology research and development network in Lisbon, which in the last year was led by Portugal.

The E-Railmap – Electronic Railmap of Europe was developed by the Czech company JERID and has German and Austrian partners.

The project consists of an electronic map of railways in Europe, with static and dynamic objects, and allows greater efficiency in the logistical organization of networks.

The development started in March 2004 and lasted until 2007, and the product is currently on sale, with about 800 customers.

Yesterday the three finalists for this innovation award had already been announced, which included the project The Development Of Goengine Demonstrators, which developed a technology that allows a 40% reduction in fuel consumption in cars, in addition to the WHO-Obesity, of research on the use of a diet rich in Omega 3 to fight obesity.

Lino Fernandes, president of the Innovation Agency – which organizes the presidency of Portugal at Eureka -, explained on the sidelines of the conference that this Eureka Award is new, integrating a concept of innovation seal that the network wants to transmit, awarding entities that already have products in the market and thus supporting its promotion.

This was one of the proposals of the Portuguese presidency of the Eureka network, which also wants to promote the idea of ​​holding a fair at the end of the conferences to show the projects supported by the network.

The ministerial Eureka conference took place alongside the 4th Innovation Days that will continue until tomorrow at FIL to show the most innovative projects that are being developed in Europe.

In an area dedicated to projects financed by Eureka, 57 initiatives developed by companies and research entities are on display, including the winners.

Fatima Hunter