Electoral Justice orders Facebook to be down for 24 hours

The Electoral Justice of Santa Catarina ordered that Facebook goes down for 24 hours, throughout the country, for the fulfillment of a court order that may affect the electoral process in the city of Joinville. The decision of the electoral judge Renato Roberge, refers to a page on the social network that contain criticism of one of the city's mayoral candidates. Now, if Anatel decides in favor of electoral justice, it can take down the social network for up to 24 hours.

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According to the Facebook press office, the decision has already been fulfilled and the fake profile has already been taken down. Check out the company statement:

"Facebook has deep respect for the decisions of the Brazilian justice and has complied with the court order within the deadline."

At the request of justice, Facebook should remove the page Hudo Caduco from the social network, because it contains jokes of the candidate Udo Dohler (PMDB), who disputes the second round with Darci de Matos (PSD) in Joinville. According to Judge Roberge, the social network ignored the court decision, did not take the profile off the air and did not pay the stipulated fine of $ 30,000 per day of infraction, the maximum fine provided by law.

The electoral legislation attempts propaganda of an offensive, degrading or ridiculous nature. The judge states that there is no doubt that the page violates this aspect of the law. To learn more about the decision, click here.

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What are the chances of Anatel blocking Facebook in the country? / AndroidPIT

It is worth remembering that in 2012, Google Director-General in Brazil, Fbio Jos Silva Coelho, was arrested by the Federal Police (PF) in So Paulo on suspicion of a crime of disobedience. The executive was released after signing a term in which he pledged to attend Justice if summoned. The arrest was determined by the Electoral Justice of Mato Grosso do Sul, because YouTube did not take down two videos against the mayoral candidate of Campo Grande Alcides Bernal (PP).

Accused of failing to comply with other court decisions in the country, Facebook has already had WhastApp service blocked three times in Brazil, remember the case:

How to use Facebook in case of service blockage

If operators will block Facebook in the country, as happened in the past with WhatsApp, you can use it using a VPN to bypass the block. However, keep in mind that by using a VPN you are putting personal data at risk, as when using a VPN data is sent to other servers in other parts of the world.

To find out how to unlock Facebook in case of service cancellation, click here.

What's up, is your Facebook working normally?

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