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Educational games for kids for IOS

Increasingly, technology has evolved and been part of our daily lives. Nowadays, mobile phones are a tool used at all times and are essential for many everyday tasks.

No longer an adult thing, these devices were also present in the daily lives of children, and it is common nowadays that they learn to use these devices, before even learning to write.

Taking advantage of this possibility that technology has brought, There are several educational games aimed at children that allow them to learn while having fun. Here are some free game options available for iOS:

Pintadinha Chicken Gang

Educational games for Kids for IOS

The Pintadinha Chicken became a national fever and a character adored by children. In an engaging way, the familiar children's music of our culture is passed on to children and the little ones have a lot of fun with them! The application of the Pintadinha Chicken Gang offers the user several songs and has a simple interface to use.

Each music video can be purchased in the app for USD $ 0.99 In addition to the music, the app also offers two interactive games in which the child can assemble a puzzle or color a sticker album.

ABC Words

Educational games for Kids for IOS

In this game,the child will learn didactically to spell basic words from Portuguese or English. In addition to speaking the full word and spelling each letter, this game shows each letter in its upper and lower case forms, and also features the complete word, accompanied by drawings, to aid the learning process.

This is a great way to use technology for learning, bringing children into contact with other ways to learn words, in addition to what teachers offer in the classroom.

The game has a great interface, colorful and easy to use.Ideal for children of approximately 5 years. The value of this game is USD $ 0.99.

The Magic Circus of Bita

Educational games for Kids for IOS

Despite being a complementary application to the book of the same name, this game can be used without problems, even for those who do not own the book. It is ideal for children up to 5 years old, with a great interface., with very colorful and stimulating graphics.

Using the magical world of the circus, the child will learn many things, such as gravity and space. In addition to the interaction mode, the game still has the story of the book The Circo Magico da Bita, which presents the text and the figures, having the storytelling mode, in which the narration can be done in both Portuguese and English. The free app.

Game of colors

Educational games for Kids for IOS

Another game that helps in the learning of children who are in the most basic phase. In him, You can simply learn to memorize the name of each color.

The game features a star of a certain color during a rainbow trip, and the little one needs to select which color of this star. The game provides all the visual support needed for the child to memorize the name of each color. and learn to associate the word with it.

In addition to presenting the written names, The game of colors also has a narration. To give more educational support, when the child is wrong, he presents the correct answer, further stimulating learning.

This game It is ideal for children up to 5 years old, being completely free. It has a simple interface to use and customize for this age group.

Little digits

Educational games for Kids for IOS

Although this is a english applicationIt has a very simple interface and it can greatly help the child who is learning the basic mathematical operations.

Very intuitive, The app uses technology to stimulate the child's learning in a simple way. It brings a number on the screen and the child needs to press the number of fingers that refers to the number displayed, so the little one will learn more didactically to count on the fingers and can have fun while learning.

The app costs USD $ 3.99 And for better use, it is ideal to use an iPad, as it has a larger screen for the child to use.