EDMT for Android: Create music and interact with sounds dynamically

How about being able to create music from your mobile phone and still have a unique visual experience? This weekend, I attended the EDMT Staff Campaign Official Announcement for KickStarterIt is the crowdfunding site that seeks to support innovative projects, and I can say that here is a great idea for users who enjoy music and technology.

edmt kickstarter
Get to know EDMT and interact with sounds dynamically! / ANDROIDPIT

EDMT is an application with interactive animations, which means that images, shapes and drawings created from an instrument will be modified the moment you interfere with the sound sequence offered by the application. Well, suffice it to say that the developer who signs the proposal, besides knowing how to program VJ (a guy who besides audio also explores the visual scene). This makes EDMT more than just a super cool music creation app, but it also offers an unusual graphic experience of the apps we see today on the Play Store.

EDMT android music app
The menu for choosing the instruments is next to the navigation bar and you can still quickly switch between them using the buttons on the sides of the screen! / ANDROIDPIT

The beta version of the app features 9 interactive sensory instruments, 3D graphics and real-time dynamic audio. So when you choose an instrument (no guitar and drums, because the instruments are built from geometric shapes and make different sounds depending on your interaction), you can use one, two, three or four fingers and even shake the device to increase or decrease the sound frequency and thereby also modify your visual experience.

If you were curious about how EDMT works in practice, watch the video below:

However, although the beta version of EDMT is already running for Android, Fader, the developer who devised the app, now wants to include more features and make the app software for musicians, professional VJs, and especially users who want to create artwork for their users. from the screen of a smartphone. Therefore, the project is seeking funding from KickStarter to incorporate functions such as sampler of the musical creations that users will make using the app or even offer the chance to share recordings and videos on other channels, like social media, for example.

If you are interested in helping put the project on the street, you can access the EDMT official page on KickStarter and be one of the funders of this idea. By investing $ 8 you will be guaranteed your version of the app when it is officially released, and with $ 25 you will receive the beta of the app in January 2015.

And what did you think about the EDMT proposal? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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