Editorial production professionals talk about Apple tablet

THE 9 to 5 Mac made contact with professionals in the publishing industry, showing some impressions of them about Apple's possible entry into the ebook market. In fact, many people involved in this area have talked about the topic in recent times, but it was still possible to find several interesting comments.

Due to the aggressiveness with which Apple has allegedly made deals with publishers behind the scenes, the The Wall Street Journal and the Bloomberg they have already stated that “they will be very surprised” if she does not announce partnerships for her tablet on the stage of her first official event in 2010, which will take place on Wednesday. As far as large companies in this industry are concerned, it is likely that he is showing a much more tempting business model than Amazon offers, which is theoretically very attractive to them.

According to the 9 to 5 Mac, Apple would also have left Scrollmotion behind while getting partners for their tablet. Apparently, this strange estimate is estimated to be one of the largest ebook distributors on the iPhone App Store, but Apple is likely to be getting far more results by negotiating directly with publishers, which would place it as a "competitor" to Scrollmotion.

Through the information raised by the 9 to 5 Mac, the Apple tablet was described as a 10-inch device, smaller than the Kindle DX (but with similar weight), which has software as the main element for its future success. In addition, its price does not reach around US $ 1,000, but Apple "does not have a huge catalog of ebooks before the middle of the year".