Edit your videos with the Flow app and accurately determine their playback speed

Since the iPhone 5s, Apple offers users the ability to shoot in slow motion (Slo-Mo) either with 120 frames per second or, in the most recent models, up to 240 frames per second. After the capture, you can select exactly the part of the video you want to be played in slow motion. But s.

Then I present to you the Brazilian app Flow.

Flow Speed ​​Control Pro app icon

Have control over the speed of your videos. Flow allows you to manipulate time and will give you new perspectives on your recorded moments. By combining slow-speed and high-speed techniques, you'll be able to create stunning videos.

Flow is intuitive and easy to use, just add and move control points up and down so that the video gradually goes faster or slower than normal speed.

Flow has numerous advantages over the native capture mode of iPhones, starting with the fact that it doesn't even require that the video was originally captured in Slo-Mo. If so, the end result will obviously be better.

In addition, the application interface is very intuitive and allows you to simply tap and drag on a curve to define the points that will be reproduced at a different speed. And another cool thing about Flow already comes in: it allows you to not only make parts of your videos slower, but also faster if you want (up to 24x!) With the audio always coinciding with them.

You can import videos from your library directly into the app or from external sources, such as from a GoPro camera. In addition to speed settings, it also has effects, added soundtracks and allows you to share your creations on websites / social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

On the Flow page on Facebook it is possible to check out several example videos created on it.

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