Eddy Cue sleeps at Apple meetings and does not mediate conflicts, says profile

Eddy Cue It is one of the most notorious figures of Apple today and will certainly gain even more power as soon as the company's original productions that have been supervised by it finally take off. However, the image of the executive painted by a profile published by the The Information not the most positive, no.

According to the report, which features testimonials from more than two dozen anonymous sources who have worked with Cue over the years, Apple's senior vice president of software and internet services in the literal sense of working hard, stretching his arms as far as he can. he can take responsibility beyond his capacity and lead firmly. Even so, he is described as a respected leader with several loyal followers, but not everything is a bed of roses. See this excerpt:

It is easy for Apple employees to say when they lose the attention of Eddy Cue, the leader of the company's ever-growing Internet initiatives from its music and video business to its map service. During meetings, Cue is known for sometimes closing his eyes and putting his head back, making other participants wonder if he is looking at the ceiling or sleeping, said several former Apple employees and an outside partner. all present on multiple occasions where this has happened in recent years. In at least two of these situations, Cue started to snore, a source said.

The whole problem seems to be precisely the number of things that the executive works at the same time, much more than laziness or anything. The problem is that, at least according to analysts, almost all of the projects led by Cue do not follow Ma's playbook of leading the pack and dictating trends; instead, services like Siri (which are no longer in their hands), Apple Maps and iCloud try to chase down the damage so they can match up with more solid and highly rated competitors.

These projects, of course, have varying degrees of success (or failure); Apple Pay, for example, has seen extremely positive results. Apple Music is also not going badly and may be in the process of even surpassing Spotify in the USA.

The fact that Cue is not infallible and, according to the sources, still has flaws in other points of his administration as in the art of managing conflicts and crises. When Apple bought the Beats in 2014 (idea that came from him, good to note) and the two companies found themselves at a crossroads where corporate visions did not match, the executive was absent, letting other figures solve the cucumber. When the Apple Books (project led by him) received a million dollar fine for antitrust charges, Cue shrugged and said "no one else books".

An interesting addendum to the profile as shown by iDownloadBlog that, at a certain point, Cue led the development of an Apple TV prototype that would bring coaxial input, so that you could integrate the box ecosystem with cable TV services, transforming the device into a competitor of the TiVos of life. The project never got off the ground due to Apple's disagreements with pay-TV providers, and instead Ma preferred to transfer its resources to the creation of the TV app and an internet subscription ecosystem.

Now, Cue turns to the prospect of success (or not) of his biggest project at Apple so far, the ā€œApple Studiosā€. He does not lack investments or will within the company. Is it glory or a shock to one of the most important figures of the Apple in the past decade? We'll see.

via AppleInsider