Eddy Cue says Apple is not trying to create TV shows or compete with Netflix

Eddy Cue says Apple is not trying to create TV shows or compete with Netflix

Eddy Cue, senior vice president of software and internet services at Apple, gave a nice interview to Hollywood Reporter, covering a range of subjects related to content, music, streaming It's all about it, and in one stroke, he denied a series of rumors that have been surrounding Apple for some time.

Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine at Code Conference 2014

The interview started with Cue stating that, even though everyone loves the content produced by Hollywood, “we don't always love the way it was brought to us; therefore, what we (Apple) can do to make it easier for consumers () to have access to this content in a much easier way ”.

When asked why people are not happy with pay TV services, he said:

They are not earning the resources they want. The fact that I have to configure the things I want to be recorded stupid. And channel guides I get home and want to watch a basketball game for Duke; why do i have to go hunting the channel he is going through? Why can't I just say "I want to watch Duke's game." Or better yet, why doesn't the system already know that? "Here's Duke's game." These technical capabilities already exist today. They just don't exist on television.

Cue also stated that there is a great opportunity in this space, because people want to watch everything not only on their TVs, but also “on their phones and their iPads”.

Then, the subject of the original content that was being produced by Apple for its platforms was discussed. In this regard, Cue stated:

We are only entering the content area with projects that are really connected to our products. At the moment, that means Apple Music. Moreover, the idea of ​​giving talents the platform that allows them to be creative in new ways.

Asked if Apple would agree to produce a TV show with a major Hollywood star, Cue went straight:

Probably not at the moment. We are not in the business of creating or making TV shows. If we see this as something that complements what we are doing on Apple Music or as something that would be innovative for our platform, we can help and guide them and make suggestions. But we're not trying to compete with Netflix or Comcast.

in this field which, according to Cue, falls into series “Planet of the Apps”, by Ben Silverman, which Apple is producing. "We felt like there were things he wanted to do on the show that would be better or just possible with our help." Regarding Dr. Dre's mysterious series, he stated that "there is nothing to announce, so I have nothing to talk about right now".

When asked if Apple has plans to buy a Hollywood studio, Cue said:

That's the best thing about Apple; we are very focused on the things we know how to do very well and we don’t try to reach out to areas we don’t know much or where we don’t have much expertise. () We will never do anything, but I don't know why we bought a studio. We like the fact that we are working with all of them.

Although this part was left out of the body of the interview, the text that precedes it states that Cue did not want to comment on the possible purchase of TIDAL by Apple, that is, there may be something a. The full interview also includes a comparison of the executive between Apple Music and Spotify, as well as (vague) statements about a possible purchase of Time Warner by Ma and what Cue wants to be remembered at Apple.

It is worth checking!

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