Eddy Cue says Apple is "betting everything" on original productions, but suggests that the company will never buy Netflix [atualizado: vĂ­deos]

As we announced a few weeks ago, Apple’s senior vice president of software and services, Eddy Cue, was today in Austin (Texas, USA) to participate in a round table at the South By Southwest (SXSW), one of the largest art and technology festivals in the world. The executive took the opportunity, of course, to comment on Apple's initiatives in the original content area and offer some updates on Apple Music numbers, among other topics.

Talking to the journalist at CNN Dylan Byers, Cue began by talking about the recently announced purchase of Texture, a digital magazine subscription service, and the significance of the acquisition for the future of Apple News. According to the executive, the differential of Ma's news platform is that the company is not focused on advertisements and, therefore, can afford to direct users to not only what they want to read, but what they want to read. should read.

"We want to give everyone a little chance to see everything out there," he said, adding that Apple wants only the best articles, from the most reliable sources, and wants them to look impressive.

Taking advantage of the hook, Cue spoke about the duality between freedom of speech and hate speech problems recently faced by Google and Facebook, and of which Apple, as a third party content provider, is also not immune:

We think that when you have a big platform, there is a big responsibility. From the music store to the app store, to podcasts, we have a lot of rules; we created the guidelines that have to be followed in order to participate in these places. Sometimes we generate some controversy so people were not happy with our guidelines. The other part that nobody completely free. There is no total freedom. () We believe that freedom of expression is important, but we do not think that speeches of white supremacy or hate speech come into this point and can be propagated.

Regarding Apple's original productions, which seem to pile up in a frightening amount every day, Cue says that Ma is “betting everything” on the initiative, but with a difference in relation to rivals: “We are not looking for quantity, and yes of quality. ”

When asked about possible acquisitions in the area by Apple, the executive said that the tradition in Cupertino does not buy large companies effectively by putting a foot in the rumors of a possible Netflix purchase. Cue added that money is not a problem for Apple (no joke!) And that the company is making major investments in the segment, but creating its original content platform from scratch, without resorting to the acquisition of already established firms.

Eddy Cue talking about Apple TV

Cue also promised great news in the original content area, without sharing many details, and spoke a little about the company's initiatives in the field of live sports, saying that Apple is planning to work with Amazon and with networks like CBS and the ESPN:

One of the things that we want to change is the whole experience of watching sports. I want to receive an alert when the game of Duke (Blue Devils, basketball team) starts to remind me when I am there why am I not being notified? We think that there is a great opportunity to grow in all aspects of the sport.

Finally, the executive also shared an important number related to the Apple Music. According to Cue, the platform streaming Ma has now 38 million paying users 2 million more than last month. Just for comparison, Spotify had 71 million Premium users at the end of 2017; Apple Music, meanwhile, isolated itself in second place in the race, considering that Amazon Music Unlimited has 16 million subscribers and Pandora, 5.48 million (Google does not disclose numbers related to Play Music).

Cue's interview has not yet come out in full in text or video on any channel, but we will update this post when (or if) that happens.

via TechCrunch, Apple World Today

Update by Eduardo Marques 04/13/2018 s 12:59

It didn’t come out in full, but at least we have images of Cue talking about what is not allowed on the App Store and why Apple didn’t buy Netflix: