Eddy Cue

Eddy Cue joins board of directors of NGO dedicated to the media

And here we are again with more comings and goings from Cupertino! Well … in a way, as we will see below.

Eddy Cue

Easy, easy: Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services remains exactly where it is. The difference is that now Eddy Cue sort of accumulate functions: he was recently appointed to the board of directors of Paley Center for Media, a non-profit organization dedicated to “celebrating the cultural, creative and social relevance of the media, as well as its impact on society”.

Eddy Cue

The NGO’s board of directors is composed entirely of executives from large companies in the United States, especially in the areas of media and entertainment – something in which Cue, with his leadership of Apple TV + and Apple Music, is an expert.

Other important board figures include Andrew Wilson, from Electronic Arts, and Alex Rodriguez, former baseball player and CEO of A-Rod Corp.

Rubén Caballero

We talked here last April about the farewell of Rubén Caballero, one of the main executives in the Apple telecommunications area and who led the development of Cupertino’s own 5G modem. Caballero already has a new professional home: Humane.

For those who have not followed the technological news, Humane is the startup most mysterious thing in Silicon Valley. The company aims to “create the next paradigm between human beings and computing” – but has not yet detailed what it means by that, or what exactly it is developing in its laboratories. ?

THE startup, it is worth noting, was created by two ex-Apple engineers (Imran Chaudhri and Bethani Bongiorno) and has hired a lot of people from Cupertino. At Humane, Caballero will play the role of technical advisor – whatever the company is creating. Hello, Skynet?

Jeff Risher

Finally, the veteran of the Apple Jeff Risher was recently hired by Aira, a company specialized in wireless charging – yes, the one that developed FreePower technology, used by Nomad in its AirPower-like charger.

Risher spent almost nine years at Apple, playing the role of director of litigation between 2006 and 2013 and then as director of strategy and patent licensing until 2015. The executive also spent time at Tesla and for Faraday Future, being considered one of the leading specialists in the field of intellectual property, patent licensing and strategic partnerships.

At Aira, Risher will be the general manager of business development and corporate strategy; he will also deal with legal matters related to the company. Good luck to him, then!

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