Eddy Cue hints that Apple has no plans to create its own TV content [atualizado]

Eddy Cue hints that Apple has no plans to create its own TV content [atualizado]

Earlier today we featured an interview with Phil Schiller, but another Apple executive also spoke to the press this week. Was Eddy Cue (senior vice president of software and internet services), who presented the new Apple TV CNN.

In this first video, Cue with the help of an assistant basically introduces the news of the new Apple TV to the reporter Brian Stelter:

The executive confirms that Apple TV is no longer considered a "hobby" for the company and that there are now more than 20 million units being used by the company.

I think we want to bring TV what the world is today, that we can do interactive things, we can easily search for things that we are used to doing on our phones and iPads, but we can't do on our TVs.

The second most interesting video:

Stelter questions Cue about rumors that Apple will create its own content for TV, just as Netflix and Hulu do today.

No, we love working with our partners. We are great with technology, they create content. We think this is a great partnership to have.

Cue also admitted that, for now, Apple TV is a complement only set-top boxes cable or satellite programming, since most open and closed TV channels are not yet on Apple TV.

The new Apple TV started to be sold last Monday, including in Brazil.

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Update · 11/09/2015 s 16:47

In another part of the interview, Cue presented the iPad Pro (which will begin to be sold this Wednesday, November 11):

The reporter clearly took advantage that Cue was there to talk about the product, because he is definitely not the right person for this, but Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, or even Tim Cook himself. Cue went exactly the opposite way from what Apple preaches for the iPad Pro, which is to be an excellent tool for creating content, and not just for consumption (even more emails, heh).

so strange that he doesn't even quote the Apple Pencil

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