[Economia de Energia] Make your iPhone battery last 2 days with …

[Economia de Energia] Make your iPhone battery last 2 days with ...

The iPhone is an innovative product. Every year when it is released there is always something new commented on in the world. Siri, Touch ID, 64-bit and the latest 3D Touch, these were all new features of the iPhone that “rocked”. But one thing that little changed was the blessed drums!

She is one of the biggest complaints from me and iPhone users, with the sole exception of iPhone 6 plus users (but 5.5 ″ inches is easy!). But as the name of the blog already says, we are experts in tips, and that’s what I’m going to do today, give an excellent tip for your battery iPhone (with the latest iOS 9) lasts up to 2 days, without you having to move a lot, just activating the Low Energy Mode.

Too lazy to read? Then watch the video:

What is this miracle?

It’s not a miracle friends, it’s a new feature of iOS 9 for iPhone, iPod and iPad, but few people know what it’s for, and how it works. As I mentioned above, the function name is Low Energy Mode. In addition to this function, there are 2 more steps I recommend, updating Facebook (YES!) And adjusting the screen brightness.

How does Low Energy Mode work?

According to the description in iOS 9, “Low Energy Mode temporarily reduces power consumption until the iPhone can be fully charged. When enabled, this feature disables or reduces the checking emails, So Siri, background updates, automatic transfers and some visual effects ”.

Explaining a little better, when the Power Save Mode is activated, it does the following things:

  • [Importante] It reduces the automatic verification of your emails. You will need to sign in to the Mail app to update your emails.
  • Disables the feature And then siri for the iPhone 6s. This is the feature that you “call Siri by voice only.
  • [Mais importante] Disables background updates, that is, when you close an application, it will not be active, pulling resources and internet data. This is an excellent energy saving.
  • Disables automatic transfers, that is, no automatic updates or downloads of applications or operating systems will be performed.
  • Reduction of visual effects. Some visual effects that “charge” the iPhone are temporarily disabled.
  • IPhone lockout time is 30 seconds. The iPhone will “shut down” and lock the screen automatically in 30 seconds.

Another thing that happens is that when this mode is activated, the iPhone reduces processing, that is, it reduces the speed of the iPhone, to consume less energy. This is confirmed in this test below:

Test done proves that in Low Energy Mode there is a decrease in iPhone processingTest done proves that in Low Energy Mode there is a decrease in iPhone processing

See the image above, that the reduction in processor usage is high.

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How much time do I save with this activated “economical” mode?

Well, this method is to be activated when the iPhone reaches 20% of the battery capacity, and according to Apple, with this method, these 20% still last for 3 hours.

Now imagine if you leave this mode ALWAYS active?

This is my tip! Let it Low Power Mode always activated on your iPhone! Don’t wait for the battery to reach 20%, activate the method whenever you want your battery to last all day.

I’ve done this test 4 times already, and every time I was surprised. My iPhone is the 6s 4.7 ″ (soon a review), and with this mode enabled, my iPhone lasts 1 and a half days with intense use! Oh really!

How do I activate this method?

Too easy! Go in Settings> Battery and activate the mode, staying the same in the image below:


But mode is not my only tip for you to increase the longevity of your iPhone battery, see other 2 tips:

Update Facebook to the latest version of the app

It’s friends, on iOS 9, Facebook “suffered” with a bug that consumes a lot and the battery of iPhone and iPad users, even more if you like to watch videos in the application.

Facebook itself revealed this, but it also fixed the problem in its last update. So my second tip is: Update Facebook!



Decrease the brightness of your iPhone screen

This is my last tip, but it is very important, and I had already mentioned this article, and I emphasize again: The brightness of the screen is one of the biggest energy consumptions of your iPhone.

Many people leave the brightness at maximum, it consumes a lot of battery, in addition to «hurt» your eyes with so much brightness. Even more than with the automatic brightness function, iPhone automatically increases the brightness when you need it. Therefore, my tip is:

Leave the brightness of your iPhone screen between 40% and 60%. It is the ideal brightness for all times.


Go in Settings> Screen and Brightness and leave as in the image below above.

Summary (Low Energy Mode, Facebook, Screen Brightness)

So friends, so you can keep your iPhone all day (or even longer) without plugging into the charger, follow these steps:

  • Activate Low Power Mode.
  • Update Facebook.
  • Use the screen brightness between 40% and 60%.

I hope you have the same positive experience that I had.


  • Do you over with your battery?
  • What did you think of the tip?