Eurostat Internet access data - January 2009

eCommerce accounts for 12% of business revenue in the EU

E-commerce generates 12 percent of European companies’ revenues. The data appear in Eurostat’s most recent analysis on ICT in organizations, for 2008, and show that Portugal is absolutely within the average.

The highest rate is seen in Ireland, where the weight of electronic transactions represents 26 percent of turnover. On the opposite side, Cyprus and Bulgaria appear, where eCommerce accounts for only one percent of revenues.

Regarding the geographical “reach” of electronic transactions, Eurostat shows that 73 per cent are made within the country of origin, 19 per cent with other Member States and only eight per cent with countries outside the European Union.

In Portugal, 74 percent of eCommerce is done at the border, 22 percent with other Member States and four percent with countries outside the EU.

In addition to the weight of electronic commerce in the corporate business, Eurostat also shows that Portugal remains on the European average with regard to Internet access indicators and broadband connections.

In January 2009, 93 percent of companies in Portugal had access to the Internet, while 82 percent had broadband connection, exactly the same values ​​calculated for the European Union average of 27.

Eurostat Internet access data - January 2009