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Echofon PRO for Twitter | AndroidPIT

We don't even have to go deep in some analysis to see that Twitter has become a global phenomenon and in Brazil has taken on dimensions never experienced anywhere else in the world. As a result, there are many apps on the market that make it easy to manage Twitter via a mobile device. Our intent today is to review Echofon PRO for Twitter and see how interesting it can be for your purposes. So follow up.

Functions & Usage

First of all, we must say that most Twitter for Android have their well-standardized settings. After Lantes Tweet was taken off the market, the only alternatives were to focus on Plume or, of course, the official app. But one thing for sure: neither one arouses enthusiasm. That's why we've decided to look for other Twitter apps and see what they can offer. This review focuses your attention on Echofon Pro for Twitter, an app that has a great rating on the Play Store.

The app has all the most elementary functions of a Twitter app, ie tweeting, retweeting, bookmarking and more. The design, in turn, is very functional, preventing certain actions such as blocking a specific hashtag. Therefore, all tweets are visible. There is another side to this coin, after all this feature may be inconvenient.

Another feature missing from this app is a built-in browser, which means that if you click on a link you will be taken to a browser external to the app. This can disrupt your work rate. However, despite these minor flaws, Echofon Pro for Twitter offers features not available in applications like Plume. For example, push notifications are meant to alert the navigation bar directly of any interaction between your friends or your Twitter fans. Or notifications of what's going on, such as the indication that you have a new follower.

Something to improve your history, as we find that we can not see what was tweeted so long ago.

Conclusion:Echofon PRO for Twitter is the best Twitter app we have ever tested. We prefer it to Plume, for example, because it has a greater number of features and functions. Of course there are things to be improved and we really hope developers will focus on making this app even better than.

Screen & Controls

Echofon PRO for Twitter is easy to use. After we have tested so many Twitter clients, we can easily say that this has satisfied us the most. And we should make a special mention of your controls. Its minimalist design perfectly fits Holo standards. The navigation between the different simple functions and you do not waste time to understand the menus, which are not at all complex. What can be improved is the photo viewing feature.

Price / Performance Ratio

You can get Echofon PRO for Twitter for 2.99 or $ 7.80 from the Play Store. The price seems to be abusive, but since the quality application is fair enough. For the compulsives with Twitter, be a bargain. For those who don't need so much functionality, how about seeing what you can do with the free version of Echofon Pro for Twitter?