Echo Dot com relógio: novo smart speaker da Amazon chega no Brasil por R$449

Echo Dot com religo: Amazon's new smart speaker arrives in Brazil for R $ 449

Echo Dot now with led panel arrives in Brazil for R $ 449. The Smart Speaker is one of the most popular models from Amazon, with the new increment Echo Dot showing the time, temperature and gained the timer function by an LED screen that is visible even in sunlight. In the Amazon online store the previous model it costs R $ 249, in other words, Echo Dot with a watch arrived at a higher price than the original version. However, Amazon is promoting the product for R $ 349.

Echo Dot comes with Alexa's support, so several commands can be given to the assistant to execute, for example adding an alarm or triggering the timer, in addition to the other functions that she already performed in previous versions of Echo Dot. The screen comes with two indicators. After the numbers, a ball at the top right of the screen indicates a timer and the ball at the bottom right indicates an alarm. In addition the product has dimensions of 99mm by 43mm in height. important to note that Echo Dot needs to have access to a power source and Wi-Fi.

The information remains visible throughout the day regardless of the lighting due to the LED display that has a light sensor, thus adjusting the brightness intensity according to the ambient brightness. The new speaker also comes with the famous "snooze mode", with a touch on the top of the device the alarm postponed for a few minutes.

The Connected World has already done a more elaborate review on Amazon Smart Speakers comparing Echo Dot and Echo Show 5. Check out the video below!

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